Is Religion being lost?

in a recent study it has been revealed that over the past 75 years over 8,000 Methodist churches have closed down and around 30 more churches are closing each year. Why is this? Are there less people going to church or believing in religion?

A recent article from the guardian says different. This article states that faith is becoming more and more popular and that over 84% of people identify as having a faith. The demographic may also surprise you with more younger people having a religion than before. So what are the top reasons that churches are closing there doors up and down the country.

  1. Decreasing donations

Its no secret that churches need donations to maintain the building and keep the lights on. If a church loses its members or has a generally older members then it can become troublesome when those members can no longer donate to the church and help keep the church going.

2. Decreasing population

Although the population is booming alot of churches are in very rural locations and if there is a decrease in the local population due to the younger generations moving to major cities or a large employer in the area moving then the church again can lose its members and cease to exist.

3. Church merger

If two churches in the same area are merging then it can be the smaller or less popular of the two that will cease to be a place of worship, this is through no fault of the church just logisitcs.

4. Minister moving on

If a minister moves on and there is no one to replace him/her then this can put the church in trouble with no one to lead worship there is no alternative but to close the doors.

So it can be said that the reason churches are closing at a high rates is not due to less people visiting them or believing in religion but simply changing times is having an impact in some areas.

If your local church has closed its doors for the last time and you are looking for a new place of worship please visit to find the nearest church of england church to you, There are also websites avaible similar to this one for other religions.